Birth Affirmations - Line Art (PRINTED)
Birth Affirmations - Line Art (PRINTED)
Birth Affirmations - Line Art (PRINTED)
Birth Affirmations - Line Art (PRINTED)
Birth Affirmations - Line Art (PRINTED)
The Empowered Mama Project

Birth Affirmations - Line Art (PRINTED)

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Positive affirmations during labour and birth have proven benefits for mothers and can help you relax and breathe through your labour, allowing your body to do what it knows how to do to bring your baby earthside.

Created especially for birthing Mamas, these affirmations have all been chosen by a Midwife with over 8 years experience and who spends her time supporting and encouraging women through birth.

Affirmation cards in labour can help you:

> Eliminate negative thoughts and feelings
> Promote positive thinking
> Help you stay in the moment and focus on your birth
> Help reduce cortisol and increase oxytocin (perfect for labour)
> Can be used by your support person as a way to assist you
> Increase stamina
> And generally make you FEEL GOOD!

These simple, yet beautiful designs can be used as affirmation cards to hold, can be added to your birth planner or mood board, can be framed as decor, or even carried around with you as a daily reminder.

These affirmations have been specifically chosen to help combat and overcome the struggles women face in labour, and to support women to have an empowered birth.


> Postcard sized (A6) affirmations, perfect to put on display, hold and meditate with or simply look through as you need them.
> High quality printed cards with gorgeous detail
> 5 Beautiful and feminine line art designs
> 25 unique affirmations


Created for you by The Empowered Mama (

*** Affirmation Cards are for personal use only and cannot be reproduced, and/or sold for any purpose without written consent from The Empowered Mama Project. If you are unsure about whether your intended use falls within this category, please reach out and we will be happy to help clarify. ***

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